10/12/21 • Charities

Christmas Giving 2021!

For our Christmas appeal this year, there are three ways you can get involved by: giving, making or donating! Have a look at the image below for more information:
Christmas Fund Appeal
Christmas Fund Appeal (2)

Our three charities have shared some information about what they do and how they help the local community:

Socks & Chocs (The People's Kitchen):
"The effects of the pandemic continue to hit the vulnerable in our city the hardest and The People’s Kitchen is needed now more than ever. Over the past 12 months we have seen a significant increase in the number of Friends using our services each and every day. If The People’s Kitchen can, in some way, help people to achieve their dreams, then we have done our job.”
For more information and how to get involved visit: www.peopleskitchen.co.uk

Safe Families
“Safe Families exists to create relationship and connection because no one should feel alone, and everyone deserves to belong.christmas girl Loneliness is a big problem in our society; previous studies have shown that 1 in 4 of us are impacted by loneliness or isolation, and this figure will be higher after these last few years – we all understand the value of human connection more! With and through primarily volunteers from the local church, Safe Families offers support, hope and belonging to improve the lives of those in most need in our communities. We train, equip, and empower volunteers ready to be matched with a local family. By partnering with Local Authorities, we ensure we offer a professional high-quality support to volunteers and families alike. During a year when so many organisations have struggled, Safe Families has grown and become embedded in new areas all over the UK. But more importantly we have seen relationships flourish and families lives being transformed!”
For more information and how to get involved visit: https://safefamilies.uk/about-us/

Uniform for all Northumberland
"It is a recognised fact that during the Pandemic the number of cases of Domestic Violence increased, especially amongst women. Many of these are women have children and find themselves in severely reduced financial circumstances. The effects of financial hardship are usually difficult to miss. However, there is one need that will never be noticed. This is the need for comfortable, clean and decent underwear. Any mother will put her children first. This means spending little on herself....and underwear is at the very bottom of the list. Organisations supporting victims of DV will often turn to charities to help provide for their clients. One such charity is "Uniform for all Northumberland". This charity provides good quality, second-hand school uniforms, children's wear and equipment for a low cost from their shop in Blyth. Recently, they have received an increasing number of requests for help to clothe women who are fleeing DV. One of their biggest needs is underwear for ladies. Sadly, many will donate children's wear, but underwear donations are few. For this reason, we are asking for your help to support this genuine but unseen need. We would really appreciate donations of new underwear (bras and pants) in various sizes which will be delivered to Uniform for all Northumberland before Christmas. Thank you for your help." 
For more information and how to get involved visit: https://www.facebook.com/uniformsfourall/