International support

We have a thriving, international ministry within the church. Our church welcomes folks from all over the world on a Sunday morning, and it is a real blessing to have so many strong international communities within the church. Whether from South America, Asia or Africa, our vibrancy is greatly blessed by worship from a variety of backgrounds who make up our church. 

One of the most amazing ministries of the church is our international support outside of Sundays, too. Meeting once a month on Saturdays at the Church from 5-7pm, iConnect is an international group that aims to create a welcoming community for people from a wide variety of countries, sharing God’s love practically through friendship, fun and hospitality. We usually share a meal followed by a variety of all-age activities which also includes a short faith-based talk and discussion, and regularly caters for up to 100 people. At last count, 14 different languages were represented within the group.  

If you want to find out more about this thriving group, please get in touch with the church office.