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At the Table


A short Sunday series to help us meet Jesus where we are.

This sermon series continues the pondering that we have begun in the recent series ‘Hallmarks of healthy church’ following Jesus through Matthew’s Gospel, and is intended to help us continue to reflect on what it means to serve in the mission-fields God has placed us in. As we ponder what it means to take Sabbath rest, and we spend time through January exploring that together in the church meeting and other spaces, my hope is that this can help us take stock of what it means to follow Christ where God has placed us.

5th January - Colossians 3:15-24 -  At the Desk
Our workplace is the first port of call for how we share Christ. How do we worship at work effectively? What does it mean to live in a Christian way in the place we may work? And how about those who do not work?
12th January - Mark 2:15-17 - At the Dining table
Hospitality is an important way of sharing the love of Christ. What does it mean to share the Gospel through hospitality and how do we exercise that?

19th January - Acts 2:42-47 - At the Coffee table
Sharing the Good News socially with others can feel a difficult thing to do. How do we enable the meaningful getting to know people in smaller, social settings so that we can encourage each other and grow spiritually? Where can life groups play a part in this?
26th January - Luke 22:7-23 - At the Communion table
Communion is often a meal which we take for granted. What does it mean to celebrate this meal in a fresh, new way each time we eat? And how do we truly receive the Good News from this meal?