Growing from Sabbath

Our current Sunday sermon series


We have had to regrettably cancel meeting together on Sundays during the coronavirus outbreak. However, we are continuing to meet online and continuing to follow our planned Sabbath structure below. To join our Zoom gathering at 10.30am each Sunday, simply click on

To help us enjoy a shared experience of worship during Sundays we cannot meet together, the worship team created a Spotify Playlist you can enjoy anytime, and maybe play before our online meeting on Sunday morning. Simply search for 'Heaton Baptist Church together' or click on (Please note if you're not on Spotify, you will need to set up an account first). 


During Lent, we have felt convicted to take a Church-wide Sabbath. Though this now looks different to how we had originally envisaged, we are spending this time resting from the habits of normal Church life and seeking God. God is doing some great things in our communities and lives, even in these strange times. 

Sundays of preparation

February 9th             Sabbath as Rest                    Matthew 11:28

In our busyness, how do we come to God ourselves and find rest in him? 

February 16th           Sabbath as Rhythm              Genesis 1:31-2:3

Jesus speaks about the need to come to Him. Regular patterns of time out throughout the day (as modeled with the Northumbrian Community or the order for Baptist Ministry, for example) show a real blessing is found in this space. How do we develop this in our daily life?

February 23rd           Sabbath as Resistance          Nehemiah 13:15-22

Taking time off or seeking not to be busy goes against everything we naturally settle on. How can we become counter-cultural in our way of being? What rhythms can we build in? 

Sundays of Sabbath 

In this season, the services are different. There'll be a greater chunk of time dedicated to sharing stories, corporate prayer and discerning God's voice. Sermons will look very different, and the focus will be much more on collaborative or more fluid times of worship. We are excited about what God will teach us in this season together.

March 1st                     Sabbath as Restoration             Isaiah 58:13-14

March 8th                     Sabbath as Refinement             Romans 14:1-6

March 15th                   Sabbath Rest                              Psalm 23     

March 22nd                  Sabbath Rest                               Romans 8:31-39

Services from today will be meeting online via Zoom using the above link. 
We will let you know when this changes. 

March 29th                   Sabbath Rest                               Psalm 121

April 5th                        Sabbath Rest                                Mark 11:1-11

April 12th                      Easter Sunday                              Acts 16;11-15