Building Fund

Hi all!   If you would like to give a one-off to our Building fund, then click here and fill in your details!   How many bricks did you buy?

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Christmas at HBC


  Our Services over the Festive period are 6pm on Christmas Eve for Carols by Candlelight 11am on Christmas Day for Christmas Celebration 11am on New Year’s Day for an All Age Service It will be wonderful to see you all there!    

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Come along for Christmas at Hiz Kids!

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Calling all Students

  Welcome to Newcastle!! Feel free to join us at 10.30 every Sunday morning to check us out, but here’s a sample of things that are happening for students at HBC- for more info, click here       Interested in finding out more about what’s going on for students at HBC? The student team [...]

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Coffee, Cake and Connect


Coffee, cake & Connect is going to be running for 6 weeks at a house near the church. Whether you’re exploring the Christian faith for the first time or wanting to strengthen the foundations of your faith or somewhere in between, this is a perfect opportunity to dig a bit deeper into scripture and make some [...]

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Blind faith or blinded by science?

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    A recent article in Christianity Today* claimed that Professor Brian Cox had condemned the divide between Science and Religion. Debate certainly exists, is healthy and should be encouraged, but the division between the disciplines has always been a fallacy. It is possible to be both religious and appreciate science, just as it is [...]

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