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The Unjustifiably Harsh Gospel
Mark 11:11-25
Preached by Dave Tubby on 17 Mar 2019.
The Socially Uncomfortable Gospel
Mark 10:32-45
Preached by Aileen Innes on 10 Feb 2019.
The Intentionally Law-breaking Gospel
Mark 2:23-28
Preached by Aaron Parsons on 27 Jan 2019.
Mighty God
Mark 4:35-41
Preached by Aaron Parsons on 9 Dec 2018.
The Child in the Midst
Mark 9:36-37
Preached by Ian White on 8 May 2016.
Loving God Well
Mark 12:28-33
Preached by Mark Elder on 6 Sep 2015.
The Fig Tree
Mark 11:1-25
Preached by Aaron Parsons on 1 Feb 2015.