Rooted in God – reaching out to others
Student ministry is an important area within church life as HBC sits in one of the most populous student areas of the city.  We have a dedicated team of leaders who organise a wide range of events.  There are student lunches and bacon butty afternoons and numerous socials to get to know people.  If you miss home cooking we’ll hook you up with a local family who’d love to do you a Sunday lunch! (see meet the family below!)

Our discipleship programme includes lifegroups, mentoring, joint sessions with others in the church in which we explore going deeper with God, away days and a weekend away in the new year.  There are also many ways and opportunities for you to serve the church, explore your gifts and get involved!

Meet the family
If you feel like you want to get to know some of the folk in the wider church, what better than to be ‘adopted’ by some of the more established members at HBC?
Interested in finding out more about what’s going on for students at HBC? The student team would love to hear from you! For further contact us at

Adopt a Student