20s and 30s

Rooted in God, Reaching out to others.

Welcome, we have a fantastic 20’s & 30’s group at HBC.  As a group of people in our 20’s & 30’s we tend to be in relatively similar parts of our life, learning to balance our working lives, learning what we want in life, developing our own families & ways of living and trying to understand how all of that fits in to this whole Christianity thing.  Our aim in the 20’s & 30’s group is to be ‘Rooted in God’, while ‘reaching out to others’, whether that is within the group or friends, family and our surrounding community.  We aim to do life together; to love, live and learn together.

We do this by holding a bible study every other week where we eat a little cake, drink some coffee, have some worship time and then take a look at a bit of the bible before having an open and usually fascinating discussion about the text in question.  We also hold a social event once a month which mostly consists of food and something, which is always great as who doesn’t like to eat food? I simply won’t eat anything else.  In the remaining Wednesday of each month we hold either a Worship session, have a guest speaker or have a time of prayer.  On top of this we have a weekend away in February every year, sometimes do things with the students, have extra random social events and lunches together after church.  Frankly you’ll be sick of us if you come to everything, but we certainly won’t be sick of you, so please come along to as much or as little as you can make.

We usually meet at 7pm in Chillingham Hall in the Life Centre (Just press the buzzer for the 1st floor and we’ll buzz you in). Socials are sometimes held elsewhere but other locations will always be confirmed by email so please make sure we have yours so that we can keep you in the loop. (Ours is below).


We look forward to getting to know you better, so please come and chat to us!


Becca Mayo - one of the team
Becca Mayo – one of the team

Recently we held a film night with the Students called the ‘Big Night In’ which was great fun, want to know more take a look at the page.

If you have any questions, contact the church office and they will direct you to the relevant people or send us an email at 20s30shbc@gmail.com