The Big 12

These are the values by which the Heaton Baptist Church community strives to live:

  1. Passion: Is passionate about God – We owe Him everything. Jesus is the best thing that has ever happened to us. Neutrality is not an option.
  2. Grace: Will elevate grace – being a ‘safe’, forgiving community that prefers open arms of compassion rather than pointing the finger of judgement.
  3. Truth: Is rooted in the Bible – seeking to apply God’s timeless truth into the complexities of modern life.
  4. Welcome: Is welcoming and warm – trusting that new people find a spiritual home that is full of kindness and encouragement.
  5. Unity and diversity: Understands that people matter to God – whatever our shape, size, age, ethnicity, background, job or theological perspective, we cherish our diversity yet recognise that our power is in our mutuality and togetherness.
  6. Gathered and dispersed: Follows Jesus wholeheartedly – across our 24/7 sphere of influence, whether we’re together or apart.
  7. Life: Lives life to the maximum – choosing to be positive, generous and encouraging people to be around.
  8. Society: Holds an holistic vision for our community, city, nation and world – desiring to be agents of transformation in our modern society through words, works and wonders.
  9. Dependent: Trusts completely in the presence and power of the Holy Spirit – expecting the Spirit to work as He did in the Acts of the Apostles.
  10. Giving: Gives sacrificially – encouraging all who make HBC their home to give as much as we’re able of our time, gifts and money to advance the Kingdom of God.
  11. Balance: Teaches and models a healthy work/life balance – encouraging family life, lifelong marriage, rest and recreation and rewarding work.
  12. Excellence: Pursues innovation and excellence in all areas of the church’s life – always giving of our best in everything we do.