GDQ School – Albania

Working in Albania, the land of the eagle, Roger and Nikki Pearce are separated by about 1200 miles or so from their country of birth, England, yet it might as well be 12000. Such is the gulf in difference.

they have this to say:
It’s been 17 years since we first moved to our adopted home with the Christian mission organisation BMS World Mission. Even after such a long time, many things continue daily to delight, surprise, confuse, and confound us, all in equal measure. It’s not until we return to the UK during breaks that the contrast is even more sharply defined. A friend once said that it is as if these two places exist in a parallel universe. Same world, very different perspectives. It’s these differences we’d like to present and explore in future posts. We’ll also keep you informed about GDQ Christian International School where we serve.

For more about Roger and Nikki, visit their page here

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