12 Days of Prayer

This Christmas we will be praying together as we are dispersed, for different groups of people and for the New Year. We have prepared a short prayer and a verse for each day, from Christmas Eve until 4th January. Please see below a prayer diary, and use it to help you focus on God over the Christmas period. We hope you have a joy and peace filled Christmas and New Year. See you in 2014!
Love & Blessings
The Prayer Team

24th Dec – Lord Jesus, we pray that as many people have heard Your story once again, that it would make an impact on them and that it wouldn’t be just a nice story for the time of year. Matthew 1 v 21.

25th Dec – Thank you as Saviour of the world You came down to the darkness and You opened our eyes. Isaiah 9 v 2.

26th Dec – We bring families who have been separated from loved ones due to a variety of reasons, or families who are having their 1st Christmas following bereavement to You and ask for comfort and strength for them. Isaiah 40 v 11.

27th Dec – If you are going to the sales today take this opportunity to pray for the shop workers. They were busy in the run up to Christmas and are now they are busy again, sometimes dealing with awkward situations. Micah 5 v 4–5.

28th Dec – Pray for those from HBC who are serving in other countries. Pray they would have times of rest and relaxation and for a blessing on them. Mark 10 v 29-31.

29th Dec – For those who are housebound/lonely we ask they would get the help and support that they need and that we would take opportunities to show them friendship. May they know Your presence in a very real way. Isaiah 40 v 27–29.

30th Dec – Lord Jesus thank you for all the different charities which support the homeless, and guide them in the decisions they need to make that will be to the benefit of many. Thank you for all who give up their time in this cause. For the homeless we pray they would be kept safe and the right practical solutions would be found for them. Matthew 25 v 40.

31st Dec – Look back over the past year and give thanks for the good you have seen and bring what you have struggled with to the foot of the cross. 2 Cor 9 v 15.

1st Jan – Happy New Year. Father, we bring ourselves, our town and our nation to You at the start of this new year. For our town and nation we ask as more and more people are finding life hard that they would seek You. For ourselves, we don’t know what this year will bring but we commit ourselves to You again afresh and trust You for all that’s to come. Matthew 6 v 33.

2nd Jan – Pray for our church staff, elders and deacons. Pray for guidance and wisdom for the decisions they face this year. Psalm 55 v 22a.

3rd Jan – As life returns to normal, people return to work, and children head back to school pray against any worries you may have. 1 Peter 5 v 7.

4th Jan – From the 6th till the 10th there will be a prayer room within the church. Commit this to God and ask for His blessing upon us as we look to Him for the future. Psalm 119 v 10.

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