What sort of church is HBC

What church

Mark Elder has taken the last two Sunday mornings to help us understand and reflect upon the type of church that we are. You can listen to the sermons here

As you listen, use the questions below for your own reflections:

“Growing as healthy disciples of Jesus”

1. Is Jesus central in every area of my life?

Is God really at the heart of our church?

2. Do I regularly and systematically engage with the scriptures?

Does the Bible shape and frame our lives together as His family?

3. Am I reliant on God’s Spirit in all aspects of my life?

Would we completely flounder as a church were the Holy Spirit to withdraw His presence?

4. Do my friends, family and colleagues know that I follow Jesus?

Does HBC help me to reach out to my not-yet-Christian friends?

5. Do I fully contribute in service to God’s family?

How can we be better at honouring all ages in our church?

6. Do I make every effort to get to know people outside my friendship group?

How can we be less cliquish and more generous and welcoming to new people at our church?

7. Am I diligent at seeking God and laying my life before Him each day?

Does prayer play a vital part in our church life?

8. Do I recognise and understand what being a Baptist in a contemporary church setting looks like?

How carefully do we listen to God as a church and how able are we at corporate discernment?

9. Do I seek to live out my faith in practical ways by showing compassion to the least, the last and the lost?

In what ways can HBC continue to develop as a community of justice in our world?

10. Have I grown in maturity as a Christian in the last 12 months?

How can we help our people to greater Christ-likeness?

4 Replies to “What sort of church is HBC”

  1. Kimberley

    Really exited to be a part of a community with these values. Thank you for the challenging questions and reminder of what’s important, Mark.

  2. Ross

    I am sitting in my wee apartment in Florida, and it’s late and I decide to look at the HBC website for the first time in what must be a while as it looks very different. Then i come across this list of questions. As a member of HBC I want to say how exciting it is to be part of a church (even from a distance) that is asking itself questions like these. I am particularly challenged by question 3, as it forces me to ask how much my own life and ministry would differ without God’s spirit, how hard am I leaning into Him. Thanks for the challenge HBC. We miss you.

    • admin

      Thank you for your comment Ross! Nice to see that we are a truly international church! Remember, you can listen to the talks here to flesh out your understanding of where the church perceives itself to be and where we are headed!

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