2 Replies to “Student? New in town? This is for you”

  1. Sally Wilkin

    It was great to revisit HBC on the 29th Sept, 30 years after loving being a student there!
    Came with my daughter who was looking at Uni for next year. She got a great welcome from the student team and the people we talked with after the service were genuinely interested in her. Unfortunately we had to dash off quickly so couldn’t speak to many people.
    You have a great ministry to students, one that has an impact on people’s lives for far longer than the brief years they spend with you as a student. Thank you for opening your hearts and homes to those who are so vulnerable away from home and their home churches. Praise God for your faithfulness in this vital ministry https://twitter.com/loveyouruni

    • admin

      Thank you Sally for your comment; HBC is a great place to be a student and we look forward to hopefully seeing your daughter next year!

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